Why is community building an important part of activism?

Without community we are alone. We build communities of friends, neighbours, relatives and co-workers. By strenghtening these communities we make stronger bonds with those around us. This leads to a stronger, more tolerant community, which in turn leads to a stronger, more tolerant society. Building community also breaks the idea of "every person for themself", which is an idea that makes people work against each other and feel isolated. It is in the best interest of the health of our society and ourselves to build community. Here are some easy things you can do to help build community:

  • smile at the people you pass on the street, sit next to on public transit etc.
  • have a potluck with your neighbours, friends, co-workers or relatives
  • turn off your TV (you will have more time to be with your community)
  • have a neighbour clean-up of trash
  • start a item exchange (clothes, furniture, electronics etc)
  • start a child-minding co-op
  • start a community kitchen
  • volunteer your time at a retirement/rest home
  • start a community garden
  • walk your dog with your neighbour
  • meet your neighbours (invite them for tea, bring them some baked goods, say *hi* to them on the street)
  • look up when you walk, and greet people
  • support your local economy by buying from local merchants, producers and artisans
  • share your skills with others
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