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about me[edit | edit source]

I am a wiki advocate since I became an online person in January 2002. I have worked on the TourBusStop project, SwitchWiki and most recently WikiIndex. Basic wiki concepts are important and I think of them often. This page might explain a bit more about me MeatballForWikipedians

I am extremely intersted in collaboration. Key concepts that I am interested in exploring within wiki, activism and general life are ExpertModelVsOrganizingModel and ExperiencedInteractionWithInexperience.

micro weblog[edit | edit source]

the main page Recent changes, used to look at a wiki is via the navigation bar to the left. Main Page is often thought as the wiki's home page, but within wiki main page sorta loses its relevance, as it is simple to make new pages and add content. Check out Help.
How about a separate page for the group called the commons?
  • 01-Aug-2005: Just made it to The Planet finally. It is a kick ass store in Ann Arbor
  • 01-Jul-2005: I want to get Benton Harbor activists interested in wiki.
  • 12-Apr-2005: resources for people interested in education: http://www.homelandabsurdity.com/act/modules.php?op=modload&name=Web_Links&file=index
  • 17-Apr-2005: I have reinvigorated a project that I started two years ago. It was after a year and a half of trying to explain wiki to people that I turned to weblogs and started to think about their bridging qualities. What was so popular about weblogs. Easy publishing of thoughts and ideas. The catch though is that it is very structured and broken down to a single web post. Wiki is similar in its ability to publish to the web, but it allows much more freedom in organization of information than weblogs. So my idea is to show some of the ease of conection of wiki using the familiar and safe idea of a weblog. The project is entitled WikiWeblog, it is probably not the right title, but it is the one I have now. I think of this project as media or information activism. Help people learn how to control information themselves.

random[edit | edit source]

  • I believe that using wikis are an important step to creating online communities that work.

messages[edit | edit source]

Hello, Mark! Thanks for the welcome. Did you get my email? I sent you something at your gmail account, but perhaps it would have been better to post it here. I can do that if it is convenient.

- Nabarry

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