Neighborhood Activism is a form of Community Building.

Any attempt to bring a local community together for social, political or economic cooperation is a political action, in the sense that it works to undermine the status quo of individualism which pervades western society, and the economy based on such a worldview. As such, any seemingly benign organizing activity (starting a community garden, neighborhood literacy prorgam, etc.) can expect to encounter some opposition.

Various Activist Tactics can be undertaken at the neighborhood level:

...any suggestions:

Community Safety Meetings
Community Gardens
Starting a lending program, so there doesn't have to be 25 lawnmowers for 25 houses, etc.
Identifying a polluter in the area to organize around. Really anything that gets you in talking face to face and exchanging ideas about how to do creative problem solving.

--Personal Note: I am experimenting with one form of community building on a neighborhood scale by proposing a social forum for neighbors to discuss issues (local or global). I'm still in the process of finding a meeting place for such a forum, writing letters to churches and community centers, etc. For the time being, I'm building a wesite for such a group at

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