If you plan on editing or authoring articles, you would do well to read through this page. If you come from a Wikipedia background, you'll probably be familiar with how things work (with the partial exception of the NPOV policy). If you are not from Wikipedia, you should definitely read up here before diving into making drastic changes (though we welcome such contributions if constructive).

Activism Etiquette:

  • Pages can be edited, reformatted, and added to as necessary, though major changes should be explained and justified on the discussion page. If the change is truly drastic and there are a number of different contributors to the page, it may be appropriate to put a comment on the talk page before making the change so others have a chance to voice opposition.
    • When making a reply to someone's comment on a talk page, it is considered rude to reword or edit what they have written. Content pages are supposed to be a collaborative effort, which is why editing without asking permission is okay. But talk pages are places where people do have individual voices and individual arguments. Leave a comment of your own; don't edit someone else's.
  • The site will have POV portions, but should be professional. Personal statements and essays should remain in the userspace.
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