Thesis[edit | edit source]

Strategies are the answers to the question "How do we get from the current state to where we want to be?"

In the past, and in the present mainstream of advocacy many strategies have considered themselves mutually exclusive to any other strategy in the interests of "Staying on Message". This single minded approached has been questioned by many activists, including the New College of California Acitivism and Social Change Program. The program advocates for a multi-strategy approach to resistance, in which multiple strategies can co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner.

What is a Strategy?[edit | edit source]

This is a tough term to define, much more so than Tactics, although they share their roots in the language of militarism, which maybe a useful place to start: - Wiktionary definition.

The derivation of the word comes from the general's ability to see the entire battlefield from his removed and preferably elevated vantage point.

List of Strategies (more like Categories of Strategy)[edit | edit source]

Direct Action - Electoral Politics - the process of bringing about change by electing sympathetic representatives. Game Theory - as it applies to activism of course...

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