A working definition[edit | edit source]

A system is a set of self-replicating relationships which operates regardless of the specific individuals involved in those relationships.

What makes a System?[edit | edit source]

I don't have an answer to this, betond the short defintion at the top of the page. Hopefully this community can arrive at a better understanding over time.

Systems and Game Theory[edit | edit source]

The question about systems which currently occupies my mind is this:

How can systems be understood as players in Game Theory and Meta-Game Theory?

Thoughts so far:

If systems operate in a predictable manner, without regard to the individuals who are within them, then it should be possible to predict a system's response to a given form of resistance with a payoff matrix, where the system is the primary player, and the resistance sets the rules of the game. (that is the meta part).

In other words, if a system's response (based on it's rationality, and it's self-replicating character) can be predetermined, it becomes the goal of the Meta-Game activist to engineer a "game" in which the system is deprived of "good moves" or were the only "good move" is concilliatory to the resistance.

Examples: ...coming soon

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