It might be helpful to add [[Category:Union Wiki]] tags to this and related pages to make it easier to see which parts of the wiki are part of this topic. Angela 17:17, 9 Feb 2005 (GMT)

Thanks! I was thinking [[Category:Laborpedia]] tags. -- Mark Dilley

work on this page more:

Let's not create more unused infrastructure Edit

Mark, while I love your idea, I have to mention that I just put together a page listing all the political wikis on this site and most of them are silent. If yet another wiki was created, I'm afraid it would be just as silent. We already have this Activism wiki, which isn't being used for hardly anything. Categories can be expanded, pages can be added, organizations can be mentioned, issues explored, events planned, etc. and it can all be done within the existing infrastructure. Let's use what we have rather than create something new that won't be used. Just my opinion, but I'm tired of all the energy within the progressive movement being wasted building things that are not used, and I'm trying to fix it, or at least redirect it. Chadlupkes 19:48, 18 Dec 2005 (UTC)

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