I will be out of the country from June 14 through around July 8. I'll be teaching chemistry in Afghanistan, so I won't even have a lot of internet access. If you are visiting for the first time, please know that my activity on the project has not stopped! Leave a hello on my talk page, but know that I won't be able to respond for a little while.

Hello. My name is Nicholas Barry. I'm a college student at UC Davis, studying economics and international relations. I'm also studying sociology, though out of interest and not for any requirement.

When not working on Activism, Wikipedia, or something else computer-related (I spend far too much time on the computer), I enjoy biking around Davis. Actually, I really enjoy biking around my home town, Mill Valley, where I can ride on mountain trails. Davis, unfortunately, is very flat. I also enjoy rollerblading and windsurfing, though I don't do nearly enough of either of these. I have recently joined the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club in Davis. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is much like grappling - imagine wrestling with no holds barred.

I am thrilled by the idea that many people working together without external administration or management can create something of great value, despite differing viewpoints.

(I have another profile on Meta-Wiki, but I'm afraid you won't find much there. At the moment, this is my main profile since I am doing a lot of work here at Activism.)

I have attempted to describe myself briefly above, but I find that you can often learn a lot about a person from

  1. The things they work on, and
  2. How they work.

If you are here at Activism, then you will have a chance to see the kind of stuff I work on. And to learn about how I work...lend a hand in the project! I'd love to have you as a partner, and fellow author and builder.

If you just want to say hello, drop a comment on my discussion page!

Resources Edit

Contribute to the Activism project:

  • Visit Vox Populi to see an ongoing discussion of what needs to be done on the project. (Eventually we'll create a separate page specifically for project To Do stuff, while Vox Populi will be reserved for more general discussions about how things should be done, and where the project should go in the future. If we create this page, and I forget to change this note, drop a reminder on my talk, and I'll change this note.)
  • See our policies and practices page for ideas of how we do things here. Mostly things work as they do on Wikipedia, but there are a few differences (e.g. POV).


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Improvement of Activism Wikia: A vision Edit

There are a lot of ways that this wiki can grow and improve. Click here for a vision for the project. The vision itself is growing and changing as I rethink ideas, and as others critique and make suggestions. If you have suggestions or critiques, leave a note at the bottom in the Contributions from others section, or post it as a bullet underneath the portion to which it relates.

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